Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Are Fish Finders Worth it?

There are many anglers out there asking the question, “Are fish finders worth it?”.  It depends.  Are they asking about the time it takes to research fish finders?  Are they questioning the cost of such devices?  Are they wondering if they will really catch more fish if they purchase a fish finder?  One must ask the individual angler what exactly they are thinking before finding out the answer; but, in general there is much debate ongoing on about if fish finders actually lead to more catches.
Many fishermen use them.  Many fishermen use them in the wrong way, according to experts.  While it is true that sailing around on a large body of water can be dangerous, it is also true that fish finders give the boaters a look at what dangers may literally be, under the service of the water.  Most experts do agree on this point; but disagree on others.

Fish finders are meant to be an aid to anglers who, using their reported skills and expertise, know where fish live.  For instance, if largemouth bass like shallow warm water, with plenty of hiding places under banks and partially submerged logs, then the fishermen would look for these places under these conditions.  Once in place, some experts say, a fish finder can actually be used to see if there are fish there. Get to know about Top best Garmin Fish Finder Reviews.
In other words, it should be used as an aid to catch fish, rather than find them in the first place.  Imagine, if you will, that you are zipping along the top of the water on a huge lake.  Your fish finder is on.  You see nothing.  In fact, you see nothing all day long.  Was it worth it?
You probably have wasted a day of your life, your day off from work, and a lot of money on a device you did not use properly.  Simply because you depended on the fish finder to almost magically find the fish for you.  So, is it worth it?  In this instance, no.

But, if you employed you fishing instinct, went to the places you think may have fish, and then turned the fish finder on; you may have caught something.  According to some enthusiasts, the fish finder’s intended use to locate potential areas where fish might be, then to check to see if there were fish there before dropping a line into the water.

This device delivers real time information for the angler who is willing to combine his or her skill along with the machines capabilities.  It is not a meant to enable a fisherman to pull fish from the water like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat. 

So, yes.  If the user understands the true intent and use of a fish finder, it could be worth it.  It can help him or her narrow down a search for a fish, scan for underwater obstacles, and even help you find the way home if you are lost.


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